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Right next to Aspes is a narrow gorge leading to the tiny Prikovlychada beach, with the gorge’s perpendicular rocks protecting it from the sun. Alykevra in Sfakidia, with its clear blue waters and an impressive sea cave of an inverted triangle shape is situated further west. It is protected by the Alykapounta cape on the east. This location is considered very important for herdsmen, as east of this cap there used to be a freshwater spring, where they watered their sheep.

Continue towards Kaminaki beach formed at the exit of Pervola Gorge, which starts in the area of the same name Southwest of Ethia. This beach is only accessible by water, since the area and gorge are both extremely rough; 400m to the west, in the Agio Pnevma area, there is a second pebble beach, although not as beautiful as Kaminaki.

Right next to it, a small, gorgeous beach with thick sand has been formed – Plysimo – which is the end of yet another of the dozens of precipitous gorges in the Municipal area of the Asterousia. Unless you have a boat it is not easy to reach, but that does not mean it is impossible. This is also one of the beaches where stock-raisers washed their sheep, hence the name, which means ‘washing’ in Greek.

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