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Tsoutsouras is built at the location where the ancient city of Inatos, a port for Priansos, used to stand. This is also the location of the cave known as Fylakes, where Eileithya, the goddess of childbirth, was worshipped. In the cave many votive offerings by those faithful to the goddess have been found, such as copper and clay idols of men, pregnant women and erotic complexes, jewels and copper double axes, clay model ships, as well as Egyptian faience (type of quartz) statuettes.

Throughout Tsoutsouro parts of the Roman and Paleochristian city of Inatos have been excavated. The findings that have come to light include public and private buildings, workshops, baths, an aqueduct, a bridge by the River Mintris that used to connect the two parts of the city, architectural ruins of a theatre, as well as a Paleochristian basilica. Also, cemeteries have been identified at various sites, the most important being the one discovered in the western part of the present-day hamlet, with constructed box-shaped graves from the post-Roman era. On the eastern edge, specifically at Aliori location, part of a Minoan settlement has been excavated.

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