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Pyrgos is one of the few pockets in the Municipality, if not in the whole of Crete, where you can be informed on the art of weaving on the island; you can see looms at the village Open Care Centre for the Elderly’ (KAPI) and authentic textiles at the village central square.

Traditional folk weaving and embroidery has a long history on Crete and maintains a rich modern production. The intricately designed and decorated textiles of Crete are created with the use of wool, linen, cotton and silk yarn on traditional looms that most homes of mountain villages still possess. The decorative motifs use various geometric shapes and also display scenes from nature or human activities. Woollen kilim rugs, patania blankets, multi-coloured shoulder bags (called “vourgies”), cotton or linen sheets, towels and silk dresses and other clothing items, are some of the most popular products of the Cretan weaving art. Crete’s embroidered items are known for their colourful tableaus and themes from nature and daily life, using motifs borrowed from the Minoan and Byzantine traditions of the island. Embroidered and woven items are often complemented by hand-made lace in wonderful designs and motifs. 

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