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Ethia Camping Centre. This is a recently created camping site that will be open until mid 2015 in the schoolyard of the old primary school of Ethia. The camping site belongs to the Municipality, which manages it, and it is housed along with the Information Centre for the Protected Area of the Asterousia Mountain Range, where you can get information and leaflets on the mountain range, its biodiversity and activities that you can participate in, while you can also borrow equipment for activities such as bird watching, cycling, etc.

Kato Vrysi ravine. It is located at Astritsi village. Here you can go free camping, as long as you have your own tent. There are showers and toilets and a café-tavern run by the women’s co-op of the village. Although you can choose freely where to pitch your tent, information from the tavern management or the village cultural association is always offered to provide you with the best service possible.

Agios Nikitas (St. Nikitas) Monastery. After contacting the Monastery caretaker you can either stay in cells there or in your own tents in the olive grove just below the monastery, or even on the beach the monastery steps lead to. The monastery has a fount and stone tables where you can snack.

Primary schools. After contacting the cultural associations or the local community president in each village, you can request to stay in the schoolyards of schools that are no longer operating, i.e. in Agios Vasileios, Achentrias, and elsewhere. In most cases the schools have toilets and the villages provide various services, such as cafés, taverns and supermarkets. You can pitch your tent either inside the school or in the schoolyard.

The state-of-the-art building of Ethia parish, in Ethia village (contact the Parish Head or ask in the village).

Local homes in the hamlets of Archanes and Houdetsi (Contact the Town Hall in this case). 

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