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  • Translation of St. George’s Holy Relics (with the participation of many pilgrims): on November 3, at the Holy Monastery of Epanosifi.
  • Christmas: In all villages (especially the larger ones) there are events such as concerts, the Storytelling Festival in Charakas and Archanes, Christmas Village in Archanes, etc.
  • Agiou Antoniou (St. Anthony’s) Feast: January 17, “breaking of bread” by locals of villages near the chapel of St. Anthony in the palm forest of Agios Nikitas in the Asterousia Mountain Range.
  • Pyrgos Carnival: February.


  • Seed festival: March-April in Pyrgos (information available at the Town Hall in advance).
  • Epanosifis Monastery Festival with the georgalidika horses: on St. George’s Feast, April 23, at Epanosifis Monastery.
  • Mountain biking races: information available at the Town Hall.
  • Koures (shearing) (animal raising festival – sheep shearing at mitata [animal farmers’ stone huts] in the Asterousia Mountain Range): Springtime (to attend such a festival, it is better to have been invited by a local animal farmer).
  • Easter: The greatest celebration of Eastern Orthodox Christianity. Wherever you find yourself during the Holy Week you will enjoy the religious ceremonies and church masses and liturgies in all villages of the Municipality. Do not miss Holy Friday at Epanosifis Monastery. After the Epitaphios Procession around the Monastery, everyone heads to the cemetery. They then go to the sheep-shed where all the sheep pass under the Epitaphios.


  • Cultural camping at Astritsi: End of July – early August in Kato Vrysi, Astritsi.
  • Houdetsi Festival: Early August (‘Labyrinth’ Musical Workshop).
  • ‘Taxidevontas’ (Travelling) Nikos Kazantzakis Festival: July, Nikos Kazantzakis Museum in Myrtia.
  • Parathamnia: Summer festival organised by the Tefeli Cultural Association.
  • Kakavia (fish soup, type of bouillabaisse) Festival: August, Treis Ekklisies (Treis Ekklisies Cultural Association)
  • Archanes Music Academy Seminars: From June, in Archanes (Archanes Summer Music Academy, info@aasma.gr, Tel: 2810 722160)
  • Modal musical instrument seminars: Summer and autumn at Houdetsi (‘Labyrinth’ Musical Workshop, info@labyrinthmusic.gr, Tel: 2810 741027).
  • Municipality summer festivals/celebrations: Get detailed information from the event programmes announced by the Municipality and the villages’ cultural associations (i.e. Archanes, Pyrgos, Tefeli).
  • Christ Festival: 6 August on Mt. Juktas.
  • Assumption (August 15): Spiliotissa Convent, Agios Vasileios and in almost all the villages of the Municipality.


  • St. Nikitas Pilgrimage: 15 September at Agiou Nikita (St. Nikitas) Monastery in the Asterousia Mountain Range.
  • Village Wine-Making Competition: 2 November at Agies Paraskies (Cultural Association of Agies Paraskies and the Municipality).
  • Modal musical instrument seminars: Summer and autumn in Houdetsi (‘Labyrinth’ Musical Workshop, info@labyrinthmusic.gr, Tel: 2810 741027).

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