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In terms of geophysics, Maridaki is quite impressive. It is essentially the estuary of two surface streams crossing two of the most beautiful gorges in the Asterousia, both of which start at Achentrias. These streams meet about 100m from the beach and form a small delta, with pebbles, levelling smoothly into the sea, forming a beach with blue waters, ideal for swimming. From the point where the two streams join and all along the estuary, there is rich vegetation of tall planes and other aquatic plants due to year-round water circulation. You can thus sit under the shade cast by the leaves and enjoy food and drinks in the small taverns which operate here in the summer. Besides the gorges that end up here, two seaside paths start at the settlement, one towards Tsoutsouras and one towards Agios Nikitas. They are both exceptionally beautiful and very accessible, even to inexperienced hikers.

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