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In Archanes (Archanon Geuseis [Flavours of Archanes]), in Charakas (Melistalakti [Honey-dripping]) and in Agios Vasileios (Vasileion Glykasmos [Sweetening of Vasileios]) there are three exceptional women’s cooperatives that prepare hundreds of delicacies typical of Cretan cuisine. These are mainly baked goods (biscuits, breads, pies, kaltsounia (savoury pastries with various fillings), breadsticks, rusks) and local preserves (quince, citron, orange, as well as walnut, rose and many other imaginative desserts, usually served with Greek coffee or after a good meal). At their workshops you can also find desserts and other products made with grapes, carobs, molasses or carob-syrup, as well as liqueurs scented with the essential oils of fruits or aromatic herbs. There are also bunches of well-dried aromatic plants, such as dittany, marjoram, sage, oregano, savory, and others. If you find yourself in these villages, ask where you can find the cooperatives and try one of these delicacies coming from a long tradition and excellent artistry.

The Agricultural Cooperative of Archanes operates in the sector of processing and standardising basic local farming produce, with a modern packaging plant for table grapes intended for export to western Europe

The Union of Agricultural Cooperative of Peza operates nationwide with noteworthy and dynamic interventions, mainly in standardisation and trade of agricultural products. It has standardised the olive oil and the wine produced by the region’s farmers since 1933. In the exhibition premises one can see the equipment of the old 19th century olive mill, grape presses, wine pumps, distillation equipment, etc.

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