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The Treis Ekklisies carob tree forest is situated in one of the most isolated areas in Europe. It is very hard to reach, since it is accessible through a rough 10km dirt road starting in Paranymfoi, crossing the Asterousia Mountains and leading to the beach. After reaching Treis Ekklisies, you should continue west after the village hill, up until the Psili Ammos (or Ornio) beach.

The mountain slopes along the road to the beach are green with tall carob trees. The carob forest of Treis Ekklisies is the largest natural carob tree forest in Europe, although it remains largely unknown. These hardy carob trees thrive in dry, rocky areas and grow at a distance from each other.

Their tough, sweet fruit resembles a hard bean. In older times, Cretans used to eat it as a dessert, while it remains a healthy alternative to chocolate. It was also used to manufacture film reels. In the past, the driest areas of Crete were ideal for carob tree cultivation to create animal fodder, but their cultivation has now declined dramatically. 

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