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This Asterousia village is famous for the Abas Gorge and waterfall which, when active (from the end of autumn to the end of spring) creates a 140m waterfall, the last carob tree forest on Crete and the astonishing beaches and coastline which stretch to the east and west of Treis Ekklisies.

Don’t be deterred by the number of buildings in this seasonal holiday settlement, as in addition to the astounding scenery and tours, you can enjoy meze dishes and raki in the small taverns. If you find yourself here during the annual August ‘kakavia’ [bouillabaisse] festival, you’ll certainly enjoy the local music and folklore dances. This settlement owes its name to its three churches [‘treis ekklisies’], Metamorfosi Sotira [the Transfiguration of the Saviour], Agios Georgios [St. George] and Panagia [the Virgin Mary].

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