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Travelling along the central road coming from the north and connecting Heraklion with the south, as they approach Tefeli, visitors will start to make out Mesara plain, the largest and most fertile plain on the island. The view is truly breathtaking with its vast shimmering olive groves and the high massive ‘wall’ of the Asterousia Range, standing as a natural border against the sea. Behind the mountains Crete ends and the sea stretches out.

Turn east and head towards Tefeli, a beautiful and lively village of the Asterousia zone.

The locals make their living from olive groves. Sights worth seeing include the spring of Agia Paraskevi, a small wood called Papouri, as well as the so-called old village, offering a lovely walk around its quaint lanes. The village patron saint is St. John, whose feast is celebrated on 29 August.

The active Cultural Association of the village organises cultural events every August, during the Parathamneia Festival. 

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